Welcome to Real World Data Science

A showcase for data science in action

Welcome to the home of Real World Data Science, a new project from the Royal Statistical Society, in partnership with the American Statistical Association. This site and its content are being developed by data science practitioners and leaders with a single goal in mind: to help you deliver high quality, ethical, impactful data science in your workplace.

What are our aims?

Real World Data Science aims to be a trusted, go-to source for high-quality, engaging and inspiring content which helps data science students, practitioners and leaders to:

  • discover and learn more efficiently;
  • acquire practical problem-solving skills;
  • share their knowledge and accomplishments publicly;
  • work smarter, ethically, and more effectively.

What we provide

Resources are created to meet the needs of our target audiences. These include:

  • Case studies – showing how data science is used to solve real-world problems in business, public policy and beyond.
  • Explainers – interrogating the underlying assumptions and limitations of data science tools and methods, to help data scientists make smarter, more informed analytical choices.
  • Exercises – to challenge and develop the analytical mindset that all data scientists need to succeed.
  • Advice – interviews, Q&As, and FAQs on such topics as data science ethics, career paths, and communication, to support professional development.

We are also curating resources to help data scientists identify trustworthy, high-quality content. These include:

  • Training guides – step-by-step approaches and recommended sources for learning new skills and methods.
  • Datasets – tagged and sorted to help educators and practitioners find data to meet their teaching and training needs.
  • Feeds – who and what to follow to keep up with new ideas and developments.

How you can get involved

See our open call for contributions.