Call for contributions

Share your work, insights and expertise on Real World Data Science

Real World Data Science aims to inform, inspire and strengthen the data science community by showcasing real-world examples of data science practice and bringing together data scientists to share knowledge.

We cannot succeed in these aims without the support and contributions of the data science community, so thank you for taking the time to review this open call for contributions.

What are we looking for?

Below is a list of our core content areas. We welcome submissions in any of these areas. Each content area is linked to its own set of notes for contributors.

Submissions can focus on any and all topics and application areas. We want our content to reflect the breadth and depth of real-world data science.

Our target audience

Real World Data Science is for all who work in data science – whether they are students, teachers, practitioners or leaders. Submissions do not have to appeal to all data scientists, however. Contributors should think carefully about who they are trying to reach, and craft their submissions accordingly.

What can submissions include?

We encourage contributors to experiment with and include different media formats in their submissions – text, images, audio and video. And as our site is built on Quarto – the new open-source publishing system developed by Posit – submissions to Real World Data Science can also include code cells, equations, figures, interactive data displays, and other elements to enrich the user experience.

If you haven’t used Quarto before, check out this fantastic tutorial from the developers. You can also explore some of the range of Quarto features that we use in this GitHub template repository, created by Finn-Ole Höner. It’s an excellent resource to help Real World Data Science contributors get started!

How to submit

Once you’ve reviewed our notes for contributors and settled on a content area, theme and audience, please review our contributor guidelines for details on the submission process.