Our partners and funders


Real World Data Science is a project of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS). The Society was founded in 1834 and is one of the world’s leading organisations advocating for the importance of statistics and data.

RSS has more than 10,000 members in the UK and across the world. As a charity, it advocates for the key role of statistics and data in society, and works to ensure that policy formulation and decision making are informed by evidence for the public good.

To support the work of the RSS, including Real World Data Science and other projects, become a member today.

Email: info@rss.org.uk


The American Statistical Association is the world’s largest community of statisticians, the “Big Tent for Statistics.” It is the second-oldest, continuously operating professional association in the US. Since it was founded in Boston in 1839, the ASA has supported excellence in the development, application, and dissemination of statistical science through meetings, member services, education, publications, advocacy, and accreditation.

Our members serve in industry, government, and academia in more than 90 countries, advancing research and promoting sound statistical practice to inform public policy and improve human welfare.

To support the work of the ASA, become a member today.

Email: asainfo@amstat.org


Real World Data Science was supported by startup funding from The Alan Turing Institute.

The Alan Turing Institute, headquartered in the British Library, London, was created as the UK’s national institute for data science in 2015. In 2017, as a result of a government recommendation, artificial intelligence was added to its remit. 

The Institute is named in honour of Alan Turing (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954), whose pioneering work in theoretical and applied mathematics, engineering and computing are considered to be the key disciplines comprising the fields of data science and artificial intelligence.

To find out more about The Alan Turing Institute, its strategy and programme of work, visit turing.ac.uk.